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Kjøp mine verk!

Posted by Cogni den 29. september 2016

Jeg har satt opp butikk på Etsy, hvor jeg vil legge ut mine arbeider. Jeg trenger å bli kvitt gamle arbeider, for plass til nye.
De fleste figurer jeg har malt vil bli lagt ut, samt bestillingsvarer som floor tiles.

Trykk her og se butikken!


Tooth and Sword Miniatures – Griffon


Reaper Miniatures – Fatima, Nefsokar Cleric

 Privateer Press - Annyssa RyvaalPrivateer Press – Annyssa Ryvaal  Hirts Arts Castlemolds floor

Dungeon tiles, i gips eller resin

Reaper Miniatures - Lady Jehanne - 2013.07.13 Right

Reaper Miniatures – Lady Jehanne, converted

 Bird head for making your own bird modelsBird heads for making your own bird models  Resin dragon head for making your own miniature modelsResin dragon heads for making your own miniature models

stairs-28+8 deler trapper

Vinger - Super Sculpey Soft

Vingepar, Super Sculpey Soft eller Green Stuff

Shell clay mold

Skjell i gips


Privateer Press – Protectorate of Menoth – Crusader. converted


Privateer Press -Warmachine – Protectorate of Menoth – Kreoss

Unknown producer - unknown model

Unknown producer – unknown model

 snapchat-1412359633Raging Heroes – Dark Elves – Blood Vestals


6 Egyptiske relieffer


10x halvdeler til egyptiske søyler


5 sarkofager med mumier

Figurer som er solgt så langt:

Storm Steed

Reaper Miniatures’ Storm Steed – Solgt for 50kr

DSCF6988 - Copy

Romeo Models’ Athenes/Minerva – Solgt for 50kr

>Div updates

Games Workshops Pegasus Knight – solgt for 30kr

Red Lioness 2013.07.13

Confrontations Red Lioness – Solgt for 30kr

Gamezone - High Elf Winged Cavalry Standardbearer 2013.07.13

Gamezones High Elf Winged Cavalry Standardbearer – Solgt for 60kr

Morvahna the Dawnshadow

Privateer Press’ Morvahna the Dawnshadow – Solgt for 60kr


Reaper Miniatures’ Greycloud – Solgt for 50kr

Privateer Press - Hordes - Circle of Orboros - War Wolf (uferdig)

Privateer Press’ War Wolf – Solgt for 50kr

Games Workshop - High Elf - Lord on Griffon - 2013.02.15 Bak

Games Workshops Elf Knight on Griffon – Solgt for 120kr

Games Workshop - High Elf, Noble - 2013.07.13 Left

Games Workshop daemonic steed converted – solgt for 50kr


Games Workshop, Warhammer Fantasy, High Elf Steed – Solgt for 40kr

Games Workshop - Chimaera

Games Workshop, Warhammer Fantasy, Chimaera – Solgt for 120kr

Crocodile Games - Typhon Warrior Converted - 2013.07.13

Crocodile Games, Wargods of Aegyptus, Typhon Warrior Converted – Solgt for 60kr

Everblight Raptor A

Privateer Press, Hordes, Raptor A – Solgt for 75kr

Vinger - Super Sculpey Soft

Vingepar, Super Sculpey Soft – Solgt for 30kr


Privateer Press – Carnivean, converted – Solgt for 160kr

 Privateer Press - Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight

Privateer Press – Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight – Solt for 70kr

 Andrea Miniatures - Leogante, Wings of Redemption

Andrea Miniatures – Leogante, Wings of Redemption – Solgt for 100kr

 Reaper Miniatures - Lupine SLayer - 2013.07.13 Front

Reaper Miniatures – Lupine – Rageclaw Slayer – Solgt for 70kr

 Iron WInd Metals - Centaur Champion - 2013.07.13

Iron Wind Metals – (Zebra) Centaur Captain – Solgt for 70kr

 Privateer Press - Satyxis Raider Sea Witch
Privateer Press – Cryx – Satyxis Raider Sea Witch – Solgt for 70kr


Privateer Press – Legion of Everblight – Raptor c, bow and sword – solgt for 75kr


Reaper Miniatures – Griffon – Solgt for 120kr

17 floor tiles – Solgt for 80kr

Reaper Miniatures - Onyx Chevalier

Reaper Miniatures – Onyx Chevalier – Solgt for 150kr

Privateer Press – Hordes – Legion of Everblight – Raptor 2 with bow – Solgt for 75kr

Reaper Miniatures – Red Dragon – Solgt for 200kr

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How to make your own miniature wings

Posted by Cogni den 11. august 2016

(Posten er på engelsk fordi jeg allerede hadde skrevet den på engelsk i wikien min)

Wings are expensive, but you want them. So how do you get them for less money?
I’ve found a range of options for how to do this. None of them are easy to do well with fine details, so I’m still looking around.

The easiest methods will give you flat\2D wings, which in my opinion never looks natural.

3D wings (bent wings)

  1. Green Stuff + wire, method A (3D)

    1. Make a wing frame of wire
    2. Sculpt with Green Stuff
    3. Example: 
    4. Example:
    5. Example: An Image
  2. Green Stuff + wire, method B (3D)

    1. Apply Green Stuff to a baking sheet
    2. Thin it and smooth it out
    3. Let the Green Stuff harden for 40 minutes
    4. Make a wing frame of wire
    5. Apply wing frame to Green Stuff
    6. Put on latex gloves
    7. Fasten the wire and shape the Green Stuff with your fingers
    8. Let harden fully
    9. Example:
  3. Green Stuff + Instant Mold + existing wing (3D)

    1. Use Instant Mold to make a 2-part mold of an existing wing
    2. Put Green Stuff between the finishes mold parts, press together and apply pressure for x hours.
    3. Example: Image
  4. Green Stuff + Instant Mold + Magic Sculpt + existing wing (3D)

    1. Use Instant Mold to make a 2-part mold of an existing wing
    2. Mix Green Stuff and Magic Sculpt about 1-1. The result will be softer than pure Green Stuff.
    3. Put the mix between the finishes mold parts, press together and apply pressure for 8-12 hours.
    4. Example:
  5. Super Sculpey + wire (3D)

    1. Make a wing frame of wire
    2. Sculpt with Super Sculpey
    3. Bake or use heat gun
    4. Example:
  6. Super Sculpey + wire + Polymorph (3D)

    1. Make wing frame with wire
    2. Apply Polymorph to fasten pieces
    3. Sculpt with Super Sculpey
    4. Bake or use heat gun
    5. Example: Foto
  7. Super Sculpey + wire mesh + wire (3D)

    1. Make a wing frame from wire
    2. Apply wire mesh for wing leather
    3. Fill and cover with Super Sculpey
    4. Bake or use heat gun
    5. Example:
  8. Liquid Super Sculpey + aluminium foil + wire (3D)

    1. Make a wign frame of wire
    2. Crunch and apply aluminium to one side of wings
    3. Add Liquid Super Sculpey on aluminium
    4. Bake or use heat gun
    5. Remove aluminium foil
    6. Example:
  9. Toy bat + epoxy (3D)

    1. Buy a halloween toy bat
    2. Cut the wings off
    3. Fasten to miniature with epoxy
    4. Example:
    5. Example:
  10. Worbla + Milliput (3D)

    1. Draw wing on worbla board and cut it out
    2. Use heat gun to shape
    3. Sculpt with Milliput
    4. Example:

2D wings (flat wings)

  1. Green Stuff + polysterene + thick paper (Flat)

    1. Cut wing skeleton from polysterene
    2. Fasten parts with Green Stuff
    3. Cut wing leather from thick paper
    4. Fasten and cover with Green Stuff
    5. Example:
  2. Green Stuff + plasticard (Flat)

    1. Cut wing skeleton from plasticard
    2. Fasten parts with Green Stuff
    3. Cut wing leather from plasticard
    4. Fasten with Green Stuff
    5. Shape with Green Stuff
    6. Example:
    7. Example:
  3. Fimo Liquid Decorating Gel + Premade mold (Flat)

    1. Get a polymer clay mold of desired wings
    2. Add mold release
    3. Pour Fimo Liquid Decorating Gel
    4. Smooth out surfaces
    5. Bake or user heat gun
    6. Rinse and repeat for opposite side of each wing
    7. Glue together
    8. Example:
  4. Fimo Liquid Decorating Gel + wire (Flat)

    1. Make a wing frame of wire
    2. Lay down on heat-resistant glass
    3. Apply Fimo Liquid Decorating Gel
    4. Use a brush to shape the gel
    5. Bake or use heat gun
    6. Example:
    7. Example:
  5. Paper Clay (Flat)

    1. Sculpt a wing on baking paper, using Paper Clay
    2. Origin:
  6. Fabric + wire (Flat)

    1. Make a wing frame of wire
    2. Apply fabric
    3. Put between two sheets of wax paper
    4. Let dry for ~6 hours
    5. Cut off excessive fabric
    6. Example:
  7. Cellophane + wire (Flat)

    1. Make a wing frame og wire
    2. Glue to cellophane
    3. Cut off excess cellophane
    4. Example:

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Modell-liste oppdatert

Posted by Cogni den 10. august 2016

Listen over modellene mine er oppdatert, med en stor haug nye innlegg. Bilder og kjøpspriser er også oppdatert\fylt inn.

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2016.08.04: Khemrian Warsphinx ferdig

Posted by Cogni den 9. august 2016


2016.07.29: Alt unntatt detaljer er ferdig. Alle fargene ble først airbrushet med undertoner og overtoner, så washet og til slutt highlighted med håndmaling. Egentlig tenkte jeg at den var ferdig på dette tidspunktet, men så fant jeg flere inspirerende bilder av hvordan andre har malt modellen.


2016.08.04: Detaljer i egyptisk stil fullført. Vingene hadde jeg egentlig lyst til å gjøre noe mer med, men fant ingen gode idèer eller inspirasjon. Videre angrer jeg på at jeg ikke brukte hvitt istedenfor, der jeg brukte lysegrått. Jeg planla å highlighte til hvitt, men fant ut at det ble for stor fargeforskjell.


Noen erfaringer fra prosjektet:

  • Dropp å bruke ‘masking fluid’ på små detaljer. Det er håpløst å få det akkurat der du vil ha det, det setter seg fast i små recesses, og det er et herk å få det vekk etterpå.
  • Start nye figurer med å airbrushe figuren i de viktigste fargene, med undertone og overtone. Håndmal deretter resten, før du så washer og highlighter for hånd.
    Du får da utnyttet airbrush til å gjøre god skyggelegging og highlighting på mesteparten av figuren, samt at det går langt raskere enn håndmaling.
    Dropp derimot å airbrushe detaljer, om du ikke er skikkelig trent på det.
    Det er ekstremt lett å gjøre små, irriterende feil med airbrush, som må rettes opp og tar mye tid.

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Troll Outpost – Elf Prince on Battle Lizard review

Posted by Cogni den 27. mai 2015

Jeg mottok nylig to figurer fra Troll Outpost’s Kickstarter, en ennå ganske liten produsent med få, men interessante modeller.
Prisen var litt under 100kr per av de to figurene jeg bestilte, inkludert shipping.

Første jeg la merke til med innholdet: En gigantisk bit med flash…
Materialprisen er det som presser opp salgsprisene på miniatyrer, så hvorfor sløser de med det??
Troll Outpost - Elf Prince on Battle Lizard - 1 contents

Ikke verdens beste støping… dette minner om GameZone sine bøyde metallhestekropper.  Troll Outpost - Elf Prince on Battle Lizard -  2 body gap
De sparer ikke på materiale i flash, men de sparer på materiale i selve figuren!
Jeg har aldri sett lignende huller i figurer før.
 Troll Outpost - Elf Prince on Battle Lizard - 3 jaw hole
Materialet er så porøst at detaljer løsner.  Troll Outpost - Elf Prince on Battle Lizard - 5 loose
Skuldern var håpløs å få riktig på plass. Her trengs det gap filling.  Troll Outpost - Elf Prince on Battle Lizard - 6 shoulder gap

Prisen er helt akseptabel i forhold til størrelsen på figuren og kvaliteten på selve modellen.
Støpekvaliteten trekker derimot ned en del… jeg sitter igjen med en følelse av at man ikke vet helt hva man får ut av figuren in the end.
Jeg håper de bruker noe av inntekten fra Kickstartern på å forbedre støpekvaliteten.
Deres egne utsagn om målet med kickstarteren:

«Our main goal with this project is to gather enough funds to go ahead on production and also developing our own tabletop skirmish game , where this miniatures will become powerfull heroes, terrible monsters, spellcasters or well trained troops to be lead to battle.«

Det ser altså ut som vi har mer i vente fra dem i fremtiden.

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Proteanc maleprogresjon

Posted by Cogni den 5. april 2015

2015.03.07  Proteanc
2015.03.14  Proteanc
2015.04.04 977c1c39-7690-474a-880e-be788b02964e
Det var malingen jeg rakk idag. Festet de siste delene som manglet på modellen, og satt på de fleste grunnfarger.
Lot meg inspirere av den egyptiske guden Ra, gamle egyptiske smykker, og hauker.
Jeg irriterer meg fortsatt over hvor dårlig hodefjærene og høyre armen lot seg feste, men det synes heldigvis ikke så lett på bilder.

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Mierce Miniatures – Proteanc is in tha house. And he’s not cooperative.

Posted by Cogni den 18. januar 2015

Oh yeah, he’s here!
Oh fuck. he’s not like I expected him to be.

I usually write in Norwegian, but I will write this post in English. I want people to find and understand this post when thinking of buying from Mierce Miniatures.
Proteanc is one of MM’s more expensive models, with it’s large size and godly theme. Buying it directly from MM has cost me £65 including shipping, after a slight reduction from Kickstarter. That’s about ~650 NOK, ~$106 or ~75€.
What I received… was not worth it. Here’s why:

38860a81-cb87-4f9d-bf90-f91fdfd712a3 94dec41d-f94f-4149-8dc4-ee81b0929032 I paid 65£ for this? For that price I expect to be treated like a valuable customer, but they don’t even care to remove any flash at all!
This is without doubt the most flash-infested miniature I ever bought!
At first this didn’t bother me, as it’s no big deal if everything else is good.
a1c1149e-5393-422c-bf76-6d5c0c6772ce 4b990fc1-a54b-40dc-997e-22992ab79648 Once I started putting pieces together, I was having trouble fitting several or most of them. They do not fit well!
How am I supposed to fit that arm here?? The joint hole is blocked and the edges seem very much to be warped!
Blocked holes like this occured several times on this 1 miniature.
Pretty much all the pieces has mold injections sticking out just where they are supposed to fit together, and it’s not that easy to see the difference between mold injections and joints.
So you rotate the pieces around, trying to make them fit as good as you can, but they rarely fit well in any rotation.
This arm fits like it was never ment to be there.
 0bf9f158-228c-4332-9593-3307873da4ee The pieces have plenty of eye-catching mold injections like this. Was that really the best place to put the mold injection?? Seriously?
  5ca2078c-1ae9-4b3e-b702-541ee587c084 7f61c1b1-d197-492e-adee-517010cbc03c  2c8c3726-ea30-4f7b-b529-4ca2d18d17eb Get the gap filler, cause you’re gonna need it for every single piece you put together. Like I mentioned, the pieces rarely fit well together.
Remember this figure is huge, so the gaps are wider than they look.
 4e6263fa-ca2d-4694-b9c9-0a75331faab4 A Godly being unable to stand on it’s own feet.
A combination of warped pieces and brittle material, now that’s a winner… which genius came up with that?

Yeah, did I mention the resin is brittle and fragile? One of my cats dropped the bottom half of the figure on the floor. Half a leg broke off, not just a toe. Now I’m scared to death to break off anything by mistake (or for my cats to repeat damage).
And in case you wondered, you do not receive any optional parts or any kind of extras.

Mierce Miniatures is like GameZone Miniatures: Their models are great eye candy, but their casting quality is really among the worst!
I have bought miniatures from a lot of different producers, and a casting quality this low, with this much flash, is rare.
If the prices were moderate I could live with the quality, but I wont ever buy any full-price MM model again. It’s not worth it.

It makes me wonder if MM is intentionally trying to make money on spewing out tons of «fast and poorly» done castings for a high price.
Everyone wants their models because the sculptings are really great, but it’s easy to forget that the copied product might not be the same quality.
It’s like buying a burger from McDonalds – They’re designed to look appealing, then produced without care for quality.

I came to think of how expensive many of GW’s models/units are. So for the sake of comparing value, let’s see what you get from MM vs GW:

Mierce Miniatures Games Workshop Resin
Sharp details Somewhat blunt details
True scale Heroic scale
Lots of flash No flash
Some warped parts No warped parts
Pieces don’t fit well Pieces fit very good
No options, sceneries or extras Some options, some scenery
Several large gaps, much need for filler Tight gaps, glue can cover it
Brittle material, may break with clipping. I would never bring these to a game, in fear of damage. Durable material, bends rather than breaking. Well suited for gaming.

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Noen oppdateringer

Posted by Cogni den 23. november 2014

Et stort diorama jeg begynte på for lenge siden. Fungerer nå som et litt penere display for malte figurer:


En av hyllene jeg setter (stort sett) ferdige figurer på:


En nipsfigur jeg nylig kjøpte på Skeidar og malte:

Sopp 3

Reaper Miniatures’ Red Dragon:

Drage 1

En hippogryph fra Andrew May’s Kickstarter-prosjekt, Tooth and Sword:

Hippogryph 1.2

Her er noen Kickstarter-prosjekter jeg har bestilt figurer fra

Kickstarter-prosjekt: Noen av mine bestilte figurer

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Hvordan gjøre slitne penselbuster bedre

Posted by Cogni den 5. januar 2014

Hvis busten på en pensel begynner å sprike og ikke holder så godt sammen, er det 2 ting som kan hjelpe veldig:

  1. Rens penselen med en skikkelig penselrens, feks turpenol (min favoritt). Dette fjerner malingrester som ikke går av når du skyller penselen i vann, og gjør busten smidigere.
  2. Dynk penselbusten i varnish, og skyll av. Dette stiver opp busten når penselen tørker etterpå.
  3. Pass på at penselbusten holder seg samlet når du legger den til tørk.

Når penselen tørker, vil den være lett stivet ut i riktig form, og spriker derfor mye mindre enn før (hvis den idet hele tatt spriker overhodet).

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Drageprosjekt #2 oppdatering

Posted by Cogni den 27. oktober 2013

Drage conversion vinger
Drage conversion hoyre
Drage conversion foran
Drage Conversion bak
Mangler fortsatt de ekte krystallene som jeg har bestilt. Så må jeg finne på noe mer detaljer

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