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Mierce Miniatures – Proteanc is in tha house. And he’s not cooperative.

Posted by Cogni den 18. januar 2015

Oh yeah, he’s here!
Oh fuck. he’s not like I expected him to be.

I usually write in Norwegian, but I will write this post in English. I want people to find and understand this post when thinking of buying from Mierce Miniatures.
Proteanc is one of MM’s more expensive models, with it’s large size and godly theme. Buying it directly from MM has cost me £65 including shipping, after a slight reduction from Kickstarter. That’s about ~650 NOK, ~$106 or ~75€.
What I received… was not worth it. Here’s why:

38860a81-cb87-4f9d-bf90-f91fdfd712a3 94dec41d-f94f-4149-8dc4-ee81b0929032 I paid 65£ for this? For that price I expect to be treated like a valuable customer, but they don’t even care to remove any flash at all!
This is without doubt the most flash-infested miniature I ever bought!
At first this didn’t bother me, as it’s no big deal if everything else is good.
a1c1149e-5393-422c-bf76-6d5c0c6772ce 4b990fc1-a54b-40dc-997e-22992ab79648 Once I started putting pieces together, I was having trouble fitting several or most of them. They do not fit well!
How am I supposed to fit that arm here?? The joint hole is blocked and the edges seem very much to be warped!
Blocked holes like this occured several times on this 1 miniature.
Pretty much all the pieces has mold injections sticking out just where they are supposed to fit together, and it’s not that easy to see the difference between mold injections and joints.
So you rotate the pieces around, trying to make them fit as good as you can, but they rarely fit well in any rotation.
This arm fits like it was never ment to be there.
 0bf9f158-228c-4332-9593-3307873da4ee The pieces have plenty of eye-catching mold injections like this. Was that really the best place to put the mold injection?? Seriously?
  5ca2078c-1ae9-4b3e-b702-541ee587c084 7f61c1b1-d197-492e-adee-517010cbc03c  2c8c3726-ea30-4f7b-b529-4ca2d18d17eb Get the gap filler, cause you’re gonna need it for every single piece you put together. Like I mentioned, the pieces rarely fit well together.
Remember this figure is huge, so the gaps are wider than they look.
 4e6263fa-ca2d-4694-b9c9-0a75331faab4 A Godly being unable to stand on it’s own feet.
A combination of warped pieces and brittle material, now that’s a winner… which genius came up with that?

Yeah, did I mention the resin is brittle and fragile? One of my cats dropped the bottom half of the figure on the floor. Half a leg broke off, not just a toe. Now I’m scared to death to break off anything by mistake (or for my cats to repeat damage).
And in case you wondered, you do not receive any optional parts or any kind of extras.

Mierce Miniatures is like GameZone Miniatures: Their models are great eye candy, but their casting quality is really among the worst!
I have bought miniatures from a lot of different producers, and a casting quality this low, with this much flash, is rare.
If the prices were moderate I could live with the quality, but I wont ever buy any full-price MM model again. It’s not worth it.

It makes me wonder if MM is intentionally trying to make money on spewing out tons of «fast and poorly» done castings for a high price.
Everyone wants their models because the sculptings are really great, but it’s easy to forget that the copied product might not be the same quality.
It’s like buying a burger from McDonalds – They’re designed to look appealing, then produced without care for quality.

I came to think of how expensive many of GW’s models/units are. So for the sake of comparing value, let’s see what you get from MM vs GW:

Mierce Miniatures Games Workshop Resin
Sharp details Somewhat blunt details
True scale Heroic scale
Lots of flash No flash
Some warped parts No warped parts
Pieces don’t fit well Pieces fit very good
No options, sceneries or extras Some options, some scenery
Several large gaps, much need for filler Tight gaps, glue can cover it
Brittle material, may break with clipping. I would never bring these to a game, in fear of damage. Durable material, bends rather than breaking. Well suited for gaming.

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